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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM


Prada sponsors America’s Cup

For those of you who don’t know, The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world and is essentially a very dramatic race between two sailboats, so it’s no surprise that a creative fashion powerhouse that exudes drama would choose to sponsor it. Speaking of drama, the previous sponsor of the race was Louis Vuitton, Prada’s French fashion rival, before Prada went and nabbed their space. Ouch.


Adidas sponsored The World Cup 2018

Okay so maybe this one isn’t so much of a surprise since Adidas is a sports brand and The World Cup is only one of the biggest sporting events, ever, but I thought it deserved a place on this list because I love adidas tracksuits so I’m just bias.


McDonalds sponsored 2012 Olympics

Don’t you dare try and tell me that McDonalds isn’t a creative company! They single handedly came up with a way to make fish taste nice as a burger - if that isn’t creativity at it’s finest then I don’t know what is. Also, I found it lowkey hilarious that an epitome-of-unhealthiness fast-food giant whose logo will make you gain two kilos just by looking at it sponsored a sporting event that aims to promote general healthiness through sports. I mean, that’s creative thinking.


Canon sponsors Rugby World Cup

The Japanese imaging company is the official sponsor of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and I have to admit this is one I did not expect. I can’t seem to find a correlation between rugby and cameras besides the fact that you can use a camera to take pictures of a rugby match, but that’s a lame correlation because you use a camera to take pictures of anything so like?? Wtf?? I know big companies like to sponsor anything that will get them more exposure, but there’s usually some sort of link between the company and the thing they’re sponsoring… If anyone can explain the logic behind this sponsorship you’ll be doing my brain cells a favour, thanks in advance.


Samsung sponsored the Winter Olympics 2018

AND they gave all the competing athletes and Olympic officials a special Samsung Note 8 - they only made around 4,000 units of the extra-exclusive phone that had the Olympic rings adorning it’s casing. Imagine going to an event and getting a phone in your goody bag. A phone. I’m lost for words rn. 

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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