Talks, screenings, pop-ups, networking, live performances, exhibits… you name it, we’ve probably got it on lock. We have loads of banging workshops lined up for you to have the best possible day, and so many opportunities for you to exercise your creativity and meet new people along the way (that rhyming was not intentional, honestly).

Please note you will need to book into workshops in advance. Booking on the website is now closed but you can still book on the day. Please head to the workshop registration desk at the festival but it is first come first serve.



11am - 1pm hosted by Blackstar, BYI People and LCCM

Come along to this drop in session where you can get one-on-one advice about anything music related. Whether you want feedback on your demo, help with your CV, get an understanding of how the music industry works. We've lined up some incredible experts with years of experience who are here to help guide you in the right direction.

You don’t need to book this session, just drop by to International House.


WOW 'Festival Making' Workshop

11am - 12pm hosted by Women of the World Festival

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a cultural festival?  Join us in this snappy session for an insight into how festivals are programmed and delivered. You'll hear from the WOW - Women of the World team and take part in an activity to get you thinking like a festival programmer.

WOW - Women of the World is a global festival celebrating the power and potential of women. Alongside WOW's annual flagship London festival, WOW festival has taken place in 30 locations across the world. 

Word On The Curb sq.jpg

Creating Content with the Curb : Learn how to make powerful, niche content

12pm-1pm hosted by Word On The Curb

Have you started building your YouTube channel? Or perhaps you're making short form content on Instagram and want to grow and expand? Spend an hour with the Word on the Curb team to establish how to build an online platform, brand and identity through video content that is niche and shareable. We will give you all of the tricks and tips to maximise your potential for growth and to become the next big content maker.



12.30pm - 2pm & 3pm - 4.30pm hosted by AWMA

Based in Brixton, AWMA is an experimental design collective that explores key themes prevalent within social, spiritual, economic and urban realms - from celebrations to challenges - across the cultural spectrum with work that connects people and places. This workshop deconstructs the creative process of designing and creating something new and original. You will be taken into a creative journey where you will learn about the process in their design studio and work together in teams to design and create something new and exciting based on a brand of their choice.


Manifest your dreams, realise your worth : Zine Workshop

1pm - 2pm hosted by ARTIZINE

They say if you write something down, you can’t ignore it. We’re extremely excited to explore together in our workshop the power of a personal visual manifesto. Zine-making is one of the most effective way to express your thoughts and opinions. During the workshop, you will be introduced to the basics of zine making and guided in the creation of your own self-published manifesto zine. The 1 hour creative atelier is aiming to cultivate peace of mind, encourage individuals to acknowledge their worth and invite everyone to play with text and images. Skills and areas of exploration: DIY techniques such as cutting and pasting, paper folding and letterpress.

Nadia Gaspar presents Scribble 

2pm - 3pm hosted by BFI Future Film

Are you a young filmmaker? This masterclass focuses on helping you develop strong, well-formed, believable and engaging characters. You’ll get to experiment with character dynamics and dialogue empowering you and inspiring your future creative practises.


Unlocking Your Creativity

1.30pm - 3.30pm hosted by B3 Media

B3 Media will be hosting a free taster event aimed at emerging to mid-level creative practitioners let by writer, musician and spoken word artist, Roger Robinson. Together you’ll explore ways to beat a creative slump and supercharge your creative practice. The workshop will include practical tips for getting the best out of your creative writing. This unique workshop is aimed at emerging creative practitioners (visual art, music, film, spoken word and theatre) who want to expand their artistic practice and receive bespoke advice on their own projects and creative practice.


The Big Fashion Brainstorm

3pm - 4pm hosted by Find Your Intern

Wanting to get in to fashion, but don't know where to start? Fear not honey! Let's discuss what area will suit you best and how to kick off your career with an internship or placement. Come and have a brainstorm and let's navigate you a way into an illustrious career in fashion.

The time is now

4pm-5pm hosted by She is Clothed

Seating set up in a circle to discuss the importance of confidence and knowing your worth. Creating an elevator pitch for a community initiative. This talk is ideal for 11-25 year-olds to discuss why they personally feel disenfranchised from the enterprise and find it difficult to launch the career they want. Creating employers rather than employees.

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A life of a digital creative

4pm - 6pm hosted by LUSH

I bet you didn’t know that behind the cosmetics brand LUSH sits a talented Creative and Digital team who work across creative writing, photography, PR, tech and so much more! This workshop will immerse attendees into life as a LUSH creative so you can experience hands on experience on live projects and briefs.


How to overcome the fears of networking

5pm - 6pm hosted by Talk2Dan

Are you struggling to overcome the fears of networking? Why not TALK 2 DAN. In this seminar we will look at the Do's and Don’ts of Networking, exploring what industry professionals have to say about networking and of course we can't miss out the all important activities we will be going through during the event- we can't give away too much that would just be cheating but you get the jist. So come warmed up and ready for an exciting session which will be filled with everything you need to know about online and offline networking.

bfi screening: charlotte Regan

6pm - 8pm hosted by BFI Future Film

BFI Future Film presents Charlotte Regan. London-born film-maker Charlotte Regan is one of the most exciting emerging talents in British film. Her short films have been selected for Sundance, Berlinale, and London Film Festival, and been BAFTA nominated, and she is in demand as a music video director.  Charlotte will screen three of her shorts and be interviewed on stage by BFI Future Film alumnus Pablo Brown-Jennett.