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Posted on 01 june 2018 by jada scott

Over the years, the amount of young people progressing on to university has soared with over 49% of young people attending by the age of 30. Many put the rise down to the need for qualifications when it comes to applying for jobs however, parental expectations and the fear of missing out have also played a large part in the numbers. Luckily, for creatives, uni isn't the only way to get into the industry. Here are five 5 reasons on why you don't need to go to university to get into the creative field.

#1 Experience

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Luckily, employers in this industry much prefer to hire someone who has experience over someone who just has qualifications. Experience shows that you know what you're doing and gives the employer an idea of what you have previously achieved. It also makes the employers lives a lot easier employing someone who is already knows what to do rather than having to completely train up another person. In the creative industry, you need to be very practical. Most university courses only teach the theoretical side so when students come out of Uni and look for a job – their knowledge tends to be very restricted.

#2 Networking


In today's society, it's the people you know who may make the big changes in your life. Networking is about putting yourself and your services out there, meeting new people and making contacts Those who already know people in the industry and have links are much likely to have an easier time getting into the industry than their peers..

#3 Further education

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Although university is the most well known way of getting higher qualifications, it is not the only way. Schemes like Apprenticeships and Internships have created an alternate way for people to gain qualifications and an insight of what’s its like to work for a creative agency without having to go to Uni. As the schemes enable people to gain experience and in-depth knowledge about the creative industry, they are also highly favoured by employers.

#4 Debt


After leaving uni, getting a job isn’t guaranteed. In fact nothing is guaranteed other than you’ll be thousands of pounds in debt. Save your money and invest in the things you need to make your CV stand out. Purchasing the equipment that you need for your particular creative field allows you to practise and work on it as much as you want, eventually bettering your work. Similar to work experience, employers value a portfolio as it shows the what you have previously achieved and what you’re capable of doing.

#5 The Internet


In the 21st century, the process of getting a job isn't as strict and regimented as it had previously been. Social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube have enabled people to gain jobs in the creative industry by simply showcasing their talents online. Creating a blog/website would also enable you to put your work out there which in turn could lead to you being hired from the comfort of your own home!

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