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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

It’s time to finally delete all those crappy games you downloaded for those ‘just in case I get bored’ situations and make way for these amazing apps. You won’t regret it (and if you do, just re-download Candy Crush, it’s no biggie)!



Essentially a notebook on steroids, this handy little app is a cloud-based bit of software that allows you to create notes, lists, and text documents, and store information in basically any type of file - pics, videos, audio files, screenshots… you name it. It’s just like Google Drive or iCloud, but focuses on the creation and storage of ideas and research. All this stuff can be neatly organised on the Evernote app (all the Virgos out there, this one’s for you), which can be accessed on any and all of your devices - and because it’s all stored in the cloud rather than on said devices, it barely takes up any storage space! Creativity sometimes needs a bit of organisation, and who doesn’t love making lists?



Available on both Apple and Android, VSCO is the perfect photo editor - gorgeous filters, endless editing options, and an easy-to-use interface all in one little powerhouse of an app that will have your next instagram post looking WAY better than Susan From Next Door’s. VSCO also allows you to create your own profile, follow other users and share content - it’s like the artsy, lightly posher version of Insta.



This is a bit of a weird one, but stay with me on this. So, this app is basically a library of ambient soundtracks for you to listen to while you work, specifically coffee shops, and you can choose from loads of different types of places too; ‘Brazil Bistro’, ‘Texas Teahouse’, or how about ‘Lunchtime Lounge’? Told you it was weird, but even stranger is that it actually helps boost productivity and will get you in the mood for working. You can listen to music on your favourite music app at the same time, adjust volume levels on Coffitivity to get the right cafe-to-Coldplay ratio, and listen to sounds offline too. 



I really cannot overstate how amazing this app is - it simplifies the graphic design process so much that even my grandmother could use it without having to ask me for help. You can use Canva’s pre-made templates to create just about any type of engaging content you want; images, marketing materials, ads, invites… anything that requires text or pictures really. It also saves your work so you can access and edit it at any time. Trust me, you’ll come out of the app feeling like a professional graphic designer who just slayed their latest project. 



A fast and easy way to make videos; you can select any photos and videos from your camera roll and Quik will turn it into a professional-looking slideshow - there are loads of different editing options and layouts too, so you’ll defo find something that fits the aesthetic you’re going for. 

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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