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Posted on 1st June 2018

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Who am I?

I'm Jodie, I'm a Scottish TV Presenter living in London! I currently present an entertainment round up show on ITV2 & ITV4 called FYI Daily, which I write, produce and edit at ITN (where they make the news). I also live host with Channel 4 at events around the country (big up 4Talent who kick-started my presenting career), present internal videos for well known brands through experimental marketing agency N2o, and often get up at 3am (I know it's crazy lol) to run the Good Morning Britain green room as Green Room Host - among many other things! 

JODIE MCCALLUM - tv presenter


My Background

I grew up on a council estate in a town just outside Glasgow, called Coatbridge. I'm from a working class family and always loved drama and the arts growing up. I was super shy in primary school (who'd have thought it now eh) but came alive when I was on stage performing in school shows. My headteacher used to joke that it would be the only time she'd hear me speak! And now you can't shut me up lol, it's funny how some people are really shy then really loud later in life, and vice versa. But performing gave me a sense of identity and purpose, even from a young age, and I always felt at home on stage. I lived mainly in my Grans very humble abode for most of my childhood, my Gran actually grew up in the house next door to ours and it's the kind of street where everyone knows everyone, a little community. I was very much a tomboy when I was a wee girl, and I'm glad to say I'm part of a generation that spent most of my time out and about in the real world and not indoors drenched in tech! Now I can't imagine a life without my iPhone, how times have changed. 


Jodie's Top Tips

I get a lot of DM's, emails etc of people asking me 'how to be a presenter' - and the truth is I'm still very much figuring it out myself, but here are my top 5 tips that I've learned so far - 

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 Tip 1 - get yourself out there

 you want to be a presenter, my first big tip would be to get yourself out there and start filming yourself! You don't need a big fancy camera (some of the iPhone cameras are unreal these days), just get out there and start presenting to camera. When I started I did a lot of vox pops (when you interview the public). Just think of a subject your passionate about and get out there and talk to people. I also did a lot of voluntary presenting for student productions and presented/created content for online channels, you can find casting listings for stuff like that on websites like StarNow (I still use this today). Local/student/hospital radio is also a great place to gain experience if radio is more your thing. 

Tip 2 - Build up your experience/ build a showreel

Following from my first tip, I'd say the next step is to work towards putting together a showreel of your work. My first showreel (which I majorly cringe at now lol) was made of purely voluntary presenting work. It was built up of piece to cameras, vox pops and an interview. It doesn't matter the quality of the camera, what matters is how well you come across on screen! By putting yourself forward for things like student production presenter roles etc, not only will you build up your experience but you'll build up content to include in your presenter showreel. 


I've put this in capitals for a reason lol. When I first started presenting I really didn't have any experience or a clue what I was doing! I spoke 'posh' lol because I was worried people wouldn't understand what I was saying, which makes me cringe so much inside now. But over time you relax in front of the camera, and the more you let your authentic self come across the more people start to connect with you. 

Tip 4 - BE RESlLIENT!!

Again I've put this in capitals because it's a MAJOR key. It's a tough, competitive job as a presenter (don't let that put you off), but you've got to be prepared for the knock backs and most importantly DON'T LET THEM CHANGE YOUR HEART! Build a thick skin and try not to take it personally if you don't get a job -"what's for you won't go by you." 

Tip 5 - Believe in yourself

I know this seems like an obvious one that everybody says, but there's a reason for that. You've got to believe in YOU more that anyone else, because in those tough times you've got to be the one you can rely on to not give up. If you truly believe in your heart of hearts that being a presenter is what's meant for you, then don't give up and keep believing in yourself, and eventually you will get there. 

Got more questions?

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