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Posted on 01 june 2018 by Rebecca Sander

1) “I can’t remember”

Before every interview I get out my notebook and write down everything I’m good at and everything I’ve done that’s relevant to the job, so all my key features are seared into my brain. Talking about yourself with confidence is really difficult so it’s good to
have some topics ready to go.

2) “I will literally do whatever you want for this job”

The job market is so tough and we’re all desperate at times, and I have been guilty of saying something along these lines before. At the time I thought my honest desperation would be endearing, but to employers it shows that you don’t really care about their job, you just need a job, and that’s never what they’re looking for.

3) “My old boss was a nightmare”

Save this for two weeks into the job when you can end it with“I’m so glad no one’s like that here” for extra points. My first thought whenever some one mentions previous poor work relationships my first thought is “were you the problem?”

4) “I’m a perfectionist”

Like, me too, but who cares. And as if you’re going to be honest and say you don’t actually care about every single detail of this job that is just a foot in the door for the career you actually want. It’s like the interview equivalent of “it’s not you, it’s me” it’s a cliché.

5) “Oh fuck I misread the email I’m an hour early aren’t I?”

This genuinely happened to me. I then sat in the reception for the hour panic texting various friends; suffice it to say I did not secure that job. The lesson is, read the email, learn how to tell time, and don’t have an out loud realisation of how stupid you are in front of the person you’re trying to impress.

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