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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

Jason Black (artist name - J2K) - Co-Founder of Crep Protect

With athleisure wear making a name for itself now more than ever before in the fashion game it’s safe to say our love for the new Nike all whites is both bold and unapologetic. And on this point, what’s almost worse than someone stealing our prized possessions is someone standing on them! Crep Protect co-founder Jason Black has  quashed this fear with his Innovative shoe protection spray once and for all. 

Built from the ground up, the award-winning brand has went on to collaborate with high-profile names including the NBA and Adidas. If you don’t know what all the hype is about, just check out this video, it’ll have you ordering the spray in shipping container quantities, I have no doubt! 


Justin Forsett - Co-Founder of ShowerPill

Someone who has been part of the sport industry for 9 years would surely know a thing or two about sweating! Forsett, an NFL veteran created an ingenious solution to a common problem he observed in his team locker rooms -hygiene. Such strenuous routines gave little time for showers and in acknowledgment to this Forsett and some of his fellow team members created the business ‘ShowerPill’. The business focuses on producing anti-bacterial disposable body wipes to meet the needs of on-the-go athletes. Rave reviews from the likes of CNN, Glamour and Sports Illustrated have cemented the body-odour busting product a household name amongst not only fitness enthusiasts but us normal sweaty beings also! 

Nicole DeBoom- Founder of Skirt Sports

Playing sports doesn't mean you have to put your fashion sense to the side. At least not for former Ironman champion and professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom. With the aim of wanting to not necessarily look pretty in training gear for anyone else, but moreso to feel pretty for herself she set about creating a women’s athletic apparel brand that in her words would embody three elements missing from women’s sportswear then: cute-factor, comfort and performance. With this idea in mind, Skirt Sports came to fruition. Within 9 months Deboom had a prototype for a running skirt, within a year it was brought to market. On her web page she writes “We are proud to support women of all body types, activity levels, backgrounds, ages and with a wide range of challenges and goals.”


Juliet Barratt - CO-Founder of  Grenade 

Juliet, alongside her husband spent four years striving towards an ambition, almost losing everything they owned in the process. Their ambition  was to bring a fresh approach to sports nutrition in providing a range of innovative, high-protein products to the market through their brand ‘Grenade’. The brand grew at an accelerated rate thanks to innovative marketing tactics, and a fresh approach to sports nutrition. Industry recognition soon followed, with Grenade listed in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100  and entering the SME Export Track 100 in 2017. The brand has continued to grow, with Juliet as the driving force behind the successful marketing and creative campaigns.


Juliet still prioritises education and spends a lot of her spare time mentoring young entrepreneurs and assisting them with start-ups.

Written by Natasha Moore

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