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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

Asma is Yorkshire’s very own superwoman - aside from being an award-winning spoken word artist and poet, she’s a celebrated basketball player and coach who successfully campaigned FIBA (International Basketball Federation) to remove a ban on hijabs and religious headwear. She’s really candid and open about her life and experiences as a woman in sport and last year BBC published a poem she’d written about being a female muslim basketball player to celebrate Women’s Sport Week 2018. Defo worth a follow.

Desiree Henry is an Olympic bronze medalist and World Championships silver medalist British sprinter with abs that will make you question all that you thought was true. Her instagram feed alone will motivate you to finally put down that doughnut and go to the gym (that New Year’s resolution ain’t going to keep itself) and being an Adidas ambassador, her regular posts in the trendy sportswear might have you spending some coins in the nearest JD store too. I mean, if you have nice workout clothes, you’ll want to work out, amiriiiite?

Jessamyn Stanley is a self-titled yoga teacher, body positivity advocate and writer whose philosophy when it comes to fitness is “‘How do I feel?’, not ‘How do I look?”. Disclaimer: if you end up in the nearest A&E for trying to recreate the yoga positions that litter Jessamyn’s feed, that’s on you.

19 year-old Pamela has been raking in sponsors and competition titles ever since a chance meeting with fate where she borrowed a skateboard belonging to her sister’s friend. If Avril Lavigne ever releases Sk8ter Boi Part 2 - Sk8ter Grl, Pamela’s face should be on the album cover. Her feed is super cool (exactly what you’d expect from a skater) and all those ‘suspended-in-mid-air-with-a-skateboard-attached-to-my-feet’ photos make me wish I knew how to stay on a skateboard for more than 5 seconds without falling off.

Jenny Davis is a British lawyer turned professional athlete who has been living and breathing sports from a very young age. After being diagnosed with a dangerous growth in her abdomen, Jenny planned out every expedition, adventure, and competition she wanted to partake in from the (not so much) comfort of her hospital bed. Fast forward to now and her determination and all round amazingness has gained her multiple impressive titles and sponsorships, and she even went on a solo, unsupported and unassisted 715 mile ski-trip to the South Pole. Hey, some heroes wear skiing masks instead of capes. 

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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