Come and get stuck in and learn about some of the creative roles within a Publishing house.

You can design a book cover, create an Instagram post, see how books are made into books, chill out and watch what happens behind the scenes or get involved in some spoken word Karaoke. Whatever you chose to do there is something for everyone. We want to make the word of publishing come to life with our interactive room.

Design a book cover: Use props and objects to create your own book cover from a brief that we give you. You can also have a chat with some of our in-house designers and see what they are working on...

Create an Instagram post: We want to see if you have what it takes to create a really eye-catching Instagram post using a flat lay and following some "social media" rules when using hashtags and @.

See how books become books: You can see what goes into making sure that a book looks like a book and the different stages it goes through from your traditional single print book (generally a fiction book) to a children's book with textures and tabes to a more colourful informative book (generally a non-fiction book).

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