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POSTED ON 7th OCTOBER 2019 BY nada el-hammoud for ERIC

1901 Arts Club

The 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo is a swanky, converted schoolmaster’s residence that is the perfect elegant location for musical performances, rehearsals, meetings, and presentations (Think Buckingham Palace meets Jay Gatsby’s mansion, then shrink that twenty times). Rates are between £25 and £75 per hour depending on whether you’re a ‘standard’, charity, or emerging artist, and what type of space you’d like to book. Booking the entire venue for an evening ranges between £375 and £600 again depending on what category you fall into and the day of your booking.

Wyvil Primary School

For between £15 and £40 per hour (dirt cheap, right?!) you can rent out a range of rooms at Wyvil Primary School in Vauxhall - there are three main also halls available for rent that provide a large, bare spaces which are perfect for whatever event you’re planning on hosting, and all under £40 an hour! It’s only a 10 minute walk from Vauxhall station and did I mention that you can rent a large school hall for under £40 an hour? I KNOW. CRAZY, RIGHT.

Brixton Community Base

With an hourly rate of £30-£35 an hour (£30-£50 weekends) you can book one of the Brixton Community Base halls, which are airy, spacious, and brightly coloured. The larger hall has a beautiful Victorian arched ceiling and comes with a small props room, whilst the smaller hall comes with plenty of chairs that would be perfect for any meeting. The center also has pianos in both halls, a kitchen, changing rooms, and full disabled access so you’re fully covered for all your needs.

The Brixton Pound Cafe

This venue rents both the upper cafe space (starting at £20 an hour) and a basement studio space (starting at £15 an hour). The cafe space is only available for hire after 6pm Monday-Saturday, but is open-plan, well-lit, and cosy, coming with tables and chairs and comfortably hosting up to 40 people! The slightly smaller basement is a fully lit, white-cube space that is perfect for rehearsal space, meetings, and photo-shoots. It’s stripped back and bare, so you can use the room in whatever way you like and twist the space to suit your personal and creative needs.


Effraspace has two halls for hire at the bargain price range of between £20 and £40 per hour - the main hall has bamboo flooring, underfloor heating, air conditioning, projector and a sound system, whilst the second, smaller hall has all the same perks minus the last two. Both spaces are suitable for meetings, rehearsals, presentations, and all your other creative needs at a price that’s friendly to your bank account.

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