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Posted on 4th July 2018 by Mireille Harper

Music has been proven to improve our mind, body, spirit, and general wellbeing. Whether it’s helping to calm us when we’re anxious, making us focussed when we’re procrastinating, or cheering us up when we’re down, music gets us through the day. We’ve rounded up the top 4 playlists you need to get through the working day.

Morning Commute

Making your way to work can prove stressful – especially if you’re having to navigate public transport in a busy city! Morning Commute is the perfect distraction for those on their way to work. With plenty of upbeat songs to put a spring in your step, it’s the playlist that will carry you from your doorstep to the office.

Release Rader

Want to get your head in the game? Tap into Release Radar! This personalised playlist checks out the new songs in the charts, or by artists and bands Spotify thinks you’ll like. It’s the perfect playlist to play across your morning and early afternoon. With new songs, you won’t be so distracted singing along to the lyrics, and with plenty of up-tempo beats, you’ll be able to work and discover new sounds!

Your Coffee Break

Lunch is long gone; your blood sugar levels are dropping and you’re in need of a tea fix. What better accompaniment than the Your Coffee Break playlist. Packed with relaxing, gentle tracks, this playlist is the perfect wind-down to your working day, but with enough jolly tunes to keep you going.

Air Punch

Once the day’s over, you’ll be itching to pop in your earphones, leave the office and head home. Air Punch is the perfect playlist to put you in a good mood for the rest of your evening. Featuring powerful rock tracks and feel-good favourites, you’ll feel refreshed and supercharged!

Written by Mireille Harper

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