Posted on 01 June 2018 by Rebecca Sander

It can sometimes feel like surviving in a place like London requires you to sell a kidney or two, particularly when you’re working minimum wage or even at an internship, where salaried employees will ask you to max out your travel card running all over London acting as courier whilst being reminded “there are twenty other people waiting for this opportunity as well”, and that’s why they don’t have to pay you. Hopefully this won’t be you, but if you are moving to the big smoke to chase prospects here are some tips:


1. Become acquainted with the reduced section

Know the days that your local supermarket usually puts out the stuff that’s going out of date and watch it like a hawk for cheap meat and fish and other treats. It’s like a lottery but every now and then you will be rewarded with a steak and ale pie for 50p or an entire cake to eat alone watching Netflix on your laptop in the dark


2. Jumpers are cheaper than heating bills

This is one of the more miserable tips as I particularly hate being cold but if you’re living in a large house share they can cost an entire paycheque to heat, so invest in some good winter clothes and hunker down, baby.

3. Consider other income streams 

If you need a quick bit of cash on the side there are plenty of ways to make that money. Task Rabbit is a great and quick way to earn fast cash doing odd jobs. And I hear it’s fairly easy to find a sugar daddy online these days…

4. Drinking at home

A pint of John Smiths is £1.99 in Wetherspoons but what’s even cheaper is getting some mates round yours with some wine and crisps, and all that body heat will probably warm up the room, bonus.


5. Know what you’re willing to sacrifice

Are you desperate for a garden and therefore willing to live further away from the centre of town? Do you need a good kitchen in your life and will live in a wardrobe sized bedroom to make that dream happen? When flat hunting it is really important to know what you want and what you’re willing to give up, because when you can’t afford much those little perks will become so important

6. Budget 

There are SO many budgeting apps now to help you count your coins (Pariti, Monzo, Cleo to name a few) and they’re mostly free as well so although it may be painful to realise you spend most of your income on snacks, it’s information you need to know.

7. Get a bike

You’ll get fit and save money, although you will be constantly turning up places sweaty


8. Sell all your belongings

Well maybe not all, but whatever you can part with can go on eBay or Depop for a bit of quick cash, and if you do it before you move you’re also lightening your load

9. Shop at markets, not supermarkets

They won’t have a reduced section and you might end up with jars of expired Polish mystery, but often your local market is much cheaper

10. Be realistic

As much you can budget and squirrel away your money, you also need to enjoy your life. When saving money, spending it on something “frivolous” like a pint in the pub or a new bag can be riddled with guilt but you’ve got to give yourself little allowances or you’ll lose your mind. Give yourself a break from time to time, saving is incredibly hard and can feel so unrewarding, it’s okay to treat yo’ self!

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