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Posted on 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 by eric team

‘New Creatives on the Block’ was a series curated for the ERIC Fest: Storytelling. Young photographer, Rhiannon Cobb, asked senior photographer, Regina Wamba, her burning questions. Here are the answers…

1) What do you wish you knew when you were starting out in photography?
Ha! That is a loaded question! When I first started photography, I wish I had understood and valued… my value as an artist. I believe that we all start somewhere for sure, but even as artists we tend to bend over backwards as a beginner, JUST because we’re beginners. DO only take on free work that lights you up and adds value to your portfolio. If it’s a “JUST FOR EXPOSURE” trap, move away… FAR away. You are talented, you have ideas, and you have a specific style. When you take on work that doesn’t FIT your ultimate driving force or what lights you up, you’ll end up getting work that DOESN’T just because you let it in. Take it from someone who learned the hard way that not all work is the same. The more work you take on that isn’t what lights you up, you’ll get more of and then you’ll be all “blah, I don’t like what I’m doing anymore!” and find creative burnout. 

Also, just because you’re a beginner, does not mean you have to work for free. Research and find a good rate that feels good to you and build your packages and brand around that that feels good. Charge for the work you do do, and collab on projects that YOU want to be involved in or projects that you create that inspire the artist within.

2) Who has influenced your style of photography over the years?

Ah, MANY people have inspired my art. I would say my art truly began from the stories I read, and then as my photography took shape as I grew, I saw a lot of influence was coming from old master painters like John William Waterhouse… basically pre Raphaelite paintings give me life.

3) What did you find the most beneficial in terms of  furthering your knowledge in photography. In regards to what has got you to where you are now? And why? 

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Take every chance to learn. Learn from your peers, watch videos, read books, play and practice. Nothing comes without the work that we put in behind it. I can say without a DOUBT, I still invest in courses, books, masterminds and workshops. You can never stop learning or practicing. It’s worth it to just always stay curious and to always keep doing. By doing we learn, we grow and we love as artists & visual storytellers.

A bit about Regina…

Regina is a nerdy rebel who is determined to do things differently. Her whole heart is in every venture she puts out into the world whether it is from behind a camera lens, a wild fine art concept, a snarky tee, journals & books or world-trekking adventures. She’s an artist, mum, wifey, entrepreneur, and teacher building a creative empire to inspire and empower other creatives.

A bit about Rhiannon…

Rhiannon is a 17 year old photographer, filmmaker and broadcaster originally from the Isle of Wight. Who moved to London at 16 to study at the Brit School to pursue her dream career.

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