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ERIC Festival speaks to four young creatives who led the ‘reverse-mentoring panel’, second in the breakfast event series for HR, Talent and Diversity & Inclusion professionals in the creative industries.

“It’s time to listen to their perspectives on what the biggest negatives, stresses, and barriers are when it comes to job applications, and take their solutions for how we, as employers, can improve our systems.”

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‘Sam Hornsby and Mae Yip, directors of ERIC, say: “This year we’re partnering with Pop to host a first-of-its-kind and completely free community festival, a day-to-night event for 400-plus 16-25-year olds.’

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Wizard Radio

Mario Saad interviews Mae Yip, Co-Founder of ERIC Festival, for Wizard Radio.

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“ERIC Fest uses entertainment and inspiring speakers to give relevant and useful advice on how to embark on a creative career.”

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“We were really excited to be involved and to have the opportunity to meet a host of talented, budding creative entrepreneurs.”

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“The day itself was magnificent, an inspiring experience for all the young people who took part and I’m sure it has started many on their journey in the creative industries.”



“An empowering and informative trip for young creatives.”

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"At the launch, a free creative careers event curated by ERIC Festival, young Londoners were able to meet and network with a variety of leading businesses

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Mayor of london

"At the launch, a free creative careers event curated by ERIC Festival, young Londoners looking to embark on a career in the digital and tech field will have the opportunity to meet and network with a variety of leading businesses"


"Think of a careers fair and what springs to mind? Probably not deckchairs and Krispy Kreme donuts. Or face painting, crafts and a live performance by Cadet. But ERIC is no ordinary careers fair."

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"ERIC Festival's latest creative arts careers event for 16-25-year-olds, focusing on digital and tech will be held at Bloomberg London on Wednesday, February 28th.

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"ERIC Festival staged a creative careers fair, allowing young people to take part in free training workshops and meet representatives of large tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Bloomberg."

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"Eric Festival present their latest creative arts and careers event focusing specifically on Digital and Tech. It will be held at Bloomberg, London later this month."

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the big music project

We caught up with the co-founders of ERIC Festival to find out about their roles in the creative industry


"Taking place at Somerset House, Eric Fest – The Arts is a free creative careers fair for 16-25 year olds, featuring stages, entertainment, and speakers who will offer essential advice on how to find your dream creative career."