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Posted on 01 June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba

1. 99% Invisible

This podcast is amazing at answering questions we didn’t even know we wanted answers to. It basically goes to that same place you mind goes after midnight when you can’t sleep.


2.Song Exploder

Imagine sitting down with the person responsible for a song you really appreciate and ask them ‘How? How did you do this? What was going on?’ That’s what this podcast does. You might find an episode that features a song you know, or you could even discover a whole bunch of new music you’ll appreciate greatly once you hear where it all came from.


3. Mostly Lit

For anyone who likes to discuss books after reading them. Definitely the Literature class that schools need.

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4.How I built this





This podcast is the best for motivation if you're thinking of setting up your own company or just feeling a bit demotivated in terms of your career. Guy Raz interviews some amazing modern entrepreneurs from companies such as Instagram, Vice, Air Bnb and even dating app Bumble. They're also only 40 mins long so great for tube/bus journeys.


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