1pm - Saz Hammond

Saz Hammond is a singer-songwriter and poet based in London where she is studying Creative Writing. Originally from Kent, she began performing spoken word and producing her own original music from a young age. Her sound and style are described as “dark, yet full of light”. 

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2:30PM - Amelia Dare

South London-based singer songwriter, Amelia Dare’s alternative R&B/Jazz infused millennial love songs throw off the shackles of skin-deep lovers, emotionally unavailable men and our own moments of weakness. She’s making waves this summer and is due to release her first single later this year.

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4PM - Kathleen Frances

Kathleen Frances is a Singer, Songwriter and Producer hailing from Bristol but based in London. Inspired by the underground tones and iconic musical culture of her hometown, Kathleen's music is powerful and commanding as it is introspective, driven by her beautifully warm vocal. With over 100K digital streams under her belt 2019 is shaping to be an exciting year for Kathleen.

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5:30PM - Jane Silver

Patricia Atzur, formerly known as Jane Silva, is a singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist based in London.

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NIGHT - 7pm



Youthsayers is a creative music project based in Lambeth who will be performing some great music with Afrobeat, Jazz and Reggae influences.


Bad Honey

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Bad Honey (Lydia Clowes & Teresa Origone) came together in London as a keyboard and vocal duo to create the sleepy lullabies and soulful sounds of Bad Honey. Their sound is a delicate and dreamy combination of pure sounding vocals with vintage synths and bouncing beats, resulting in a delicate and dreamy blend of soul, pop and lo-fi electronics.

headliners - 9pm to late



Frisco is the stage name of Deshane Cornwall, an English Grime MC who is part of the Boy Better Know (BBK) music label which includes Wiley, Skepta, Jme and Drake. He has released three solo albums, guested on tracks by his label mates and established a successful monthly Grime event in East London, contributing to the popularity of Grime within the UK music scene.


Donnie Sunshine

Donnie Sunshine sets transcends genre as he often slides through an array of musical era's and sounds, reintroducing forgotten cult classics as well as debuting current niche selections keeping the energy high and vibes euphoric.