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Posted on 4 June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba


I am serious enough

Just hit them with a friendly reminder that no matter what career path you choose, it all boils down to the individual. You could work in finance or medicine, if you yourself are not serious or willing to put the work in, you will only go so far.


Here. Look at my work.

Treat you parents like potential employers or clients by showing them your portfolio or a project your most proud of. Sell yourself basically and go through what it took to produce the work.


“ ... was told the exact same thing and look at them now”

Since parents love the comparison game lets flip it on them real quick. Pick a creative you know they appreciate and just give a quick rundown on the path they took and where they are now. This is not even necessarily to compare, it's just to show that its not alien to make it in a creative industry.


“when I get this schmoney, then you'll know what serious is”

Parents for the most part do have our best interest at heart and tend to just want to make sure we'll be secure in the future. Let them know what you can make in your chosen path and throw in the fact that you can have multiple sources of income in the creative industry.

These are just some points of course but remember to break it all down to them. Sometimes they just need a better understanding of what it is your doing and when they see how hard you're working towards it they may become more supportive.


Written by Prisca Ntumba

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