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Posted on 17 June 2018 by Natasha Moore

How to get hired is that million dollar question, but what about how not to get hired? Here are 5 no no's if you want a yes yes from the employer:


1. Sending template cover letters 

If you happen to send 'I have a passion for working in your fashion company because....' when really you're applying to a music company, then you really need to review your bulk copy and pasting methods! We've all been there, it's the millionth application this week, you're practically dragging your fingers across the keyboard to hit send. And send it you did! The consequence?  Automatic rejection email! Just read the thing again in future!

2. Lie on the CV 

Yes, we all want to proclaim to be the next Einstein, but perhaps not on paper, eh? You may think that sneaky little volunteering gig at Buckingham Palace will go unchecked but rest assured it won't! Is it really worth the effort, no? Be honest, obviously big up your achievements but don't completely morph them into something else. You're bound to have credible ones, just think a bit harder to find them!

3. Arrive late for the interview

In my eyes if you don't arrive on time for the interview, you won't arrive on time for your job. It's as simple as that.

4. Ask about the pay and bonuses before asking the interviewers names

(bit of an exaggeration but the principle is there)! I'm not saying they shouldn't be asked just saying there is a skill of when to ask them. i.e. the end of the interview once you've hopefully built up a rapport!

5. The 'wet fish' handshake

Maybe I'm being too harsh on this one but giving a limp handshake gives an immediate bad impression in my book. If you can't even shake my hand correctly, are you even right for the job?

There we go, five things in my opinion not to do if you atleast want to get to and through the interview stage. I'm sure you already know these right


Written by Natasha Moore

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