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Posted on 11 June 2018 by Mireille Harper

The creative working world has a notorious reputation not only for being a difficult industry to break into, but also for the challenges of staying relevant and known. Whether it’s art, music or film, it can be hard for talent to thrive and survive in the industry. However, times are changing! Check out these brands (like ERIC) who are supporting upcoming talent!



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Launched one year ago in a bid to support emerging musicians put on their own shows and help them break through, Un:Hurd run a series of live events. They support artists with marketing and distribution, content creation, and have a platform where consumers can book the acts they work with. Un:Hurd have also worked with The Haringey Shed and Sanctus, helping children get into music and theatre, and raising awareness of mental health through music.

Somewhere Soul

Somewhere Soul is an independent online music publication that showcases emerging sounds of neo soul, jazz, hip-hop and funk. They give coverage to underrepresented artists from all corners of the globe who deserve to have their music listened to and offer them a platform to amplify their reach. They also curate intimate parties, booking artists new to the gig circuit, who deserve the opportunity to play to packed out venues.


Lady Live Events

Founded in November 2016 by Kadija Kamara, Lady Live Events showcases some of the finest leading female musicians in the business, from London and across the globe. Their recent Lady Festival, a festival curated for leading ladies, showcased female performers and unsigned talent spanning across contemporary folk, latin, jazz, electronica and funk.


Special Guest LDN

An open mic night for creators, Special Guest LDN nights offer the chance to hear from creators ‘of all flavours’. There’s everything from creative talks, shower thoughts, stories, shout-outs, spoken word, and much more. Everyone is welcome, and Special Guest offer three spots on their free guest list for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come.

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LAPP The Brand

Established by Leomie Anderson in 2016, LAPP The Brand was created to embody the ‘21st century girl’ through producing stylish clothes and voicing their issues at the same time. LAPP’s platform gives all women the chance to talk about world issues that affect them, but most importantly, offers women, who haven’t otherwise had writing experience, the opportunity to showcase their work to a wide range of readers!

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