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Posted on 01 June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba

# 1 - Behind the lens

This documentary gives some insight into the TV & film industry in the UK. It’s a good watch for aspiring filmmakers and actors as it provides tips from different people in the industry. The documentary was created by Olaitan Olaoye on a £0 budget and features a lot of familiar faces.


#2 - Hot Sugar’s cold world

Producer Hot Sugar shows the creation process and how he uses the world around him to gather sounds. Good for all creatives as you can see how you can implement the strangest situations and most unexpected surroundings into your work.



#3 - Indie game: the movie

Based around the gaming industry it explore areas that a lot of creatives face such as the sacrificing of money, health and sanity that is put into things we produce. This is a good documentary that explores how much vulnerability goes into work and the intensity of creative projects as they are a reflection of ourselves.



#4 - A ballerina’s tale

One for when you don’t fit the mould in your industry and pushing yourself creatively knowing you represent more than just yourself. Misty Copeland tells her story on how she established herself as a black ballerina in an industry where she went against what was classically accepted.



#5 - Abstract

Focusing on the art of design by following the creative process and work of eight creatives and how their projects may have even made an impact on our lives. The visuals in this documentary also make it really nice to watch.

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