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Posted on 01 June 2018 by Maddy Abela

In the music industry, it's easy to assume that all music companies are the same. Some music companies, such as record labels, are responsible for pushing out awesome music to reach the public. Other music companies, such as music charities, seem to be making the world a better placethrough the power of music. But which music companies are standing out?

#1- Sony Music

Sony Music is famous for signing incredibly talented artists such as Alicia Keys, John Legend and A$AP Rocky; but how are they shaking things up? Last month, Sony launched an exciting exhibition in New York City. The aim of this exhibition is to allow the public to step into the world of a recording artist. And best of all- it’s free! Inside the exhibition, there are three awesome components: a recording booth, a 3D photo shoot set and, if that wasn't enough a video shoot too! I don't know about you, but I'm hopping on the next flight to New York City!

#2- Guardian Media Group and D&AD

Now let's bring some of the cool things that music companies are doing back home. The Guardian Media Group and advertising firm D&AD are collaborating on a super dope project that you don't want to miss! Whilst neither of these companies are explicitly 'music companies' their new project is music related so they get to sneak into the list. Both companies, Guardian Media Group and D&AD, have partnered together to bring a new global festival to the public. The aims of this festival revolves around the power of creativity and explore its impact on culture! Isn’t that so cool? The festival will take place in London, 2019 so keep your eyes

#3- Fair Share Music

Fair Share Music is a company who are all about doing things differently, with the hope to help others. But what is it? Fair Share Music is a social enterprise through which you can download music through. Instead of just buying a single from the iTunes store, you can purchase music through Fair Share Music. You may be wondering why on earth would I do that, when there are free streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music? The answer is simple, 50% of the profits that Fair Share Music earn go to a music charity of your choice. So, you can listen to your tunes, whilst helping others out! How neat is that?

#4- Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group is the record label who have signed all your favourite artists, from the Weeknd and Taylor Swift to Sam Smith and many more. This month, Universal Music Staff have been taking part in the Universal Music Ride and the London Marathon 2018 to raise some money for incredible causes. If you're unfamiliar with the Universal Music Ride, it is an event that Universal Music hold for anyone to participate in. As the name suggests, the event is a cycling event where participants cycle a whopping 630KM from Land's End to London! The ride takes place over three days and anyone who wants to get involved raises money for the two chosen charities this year which are: Playlist for life and London Air Ambulance.

#5- Music for All

This final music company does some truly incredible and lovely things- so have your tissues at the ready, it's about to get emotional. Music for All are a music charity who believe that everyone, no matter their background, should be given the opportunity to play music. But how do they help out? Music for All provide free 'learn to play' sessions for people of all ages and backgrounds. So, no matter whether you have money in the bank or not, Music for All are here to provide free music lessons to learn an instrument. They also donate instruments and music tuition for individuals who need their help. Finally, they provide grants to community music organisations and educational organisations to give them a helping hand in continuing their great work, too. How lovely is that!

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