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Posted on 04 June 2018 by Jada Scott

The year is 2007, Apple has just released the first iPhone, Gordon Brown has just become Prime Minister and the final Harry Potter book has just been released.

Ask anyone what the future holds and more than likely, they'd answer "robots". More than 10 years later, are we any closer to a world where Robots and Humans can exist alongside each other? In industries such as the NHS, the answer is yes. But what about the creative industries, where do Robots fit in there?



A project titled 'long distance art' took place in 2013 hosted by Viennese artist Alex Kiessling and the Strukt Design Studio. The project consisted of Alex drawing a large image with two industrial-sized robots replicating the image in real time. Based in Berlin and London, each of the robots were set up to track Alex's movements via satellite and were eventually combined to create a Triptych.  


In 2016, Gil Weinberg a researcher in music technology recorded a performance in which a 4-armed robot played the marimba. Built by the Georgia Institute of Technology, "Shimon" the Robot can listen to music, improvise and play with other musicians. The robot is also able to play the marimba in a variety of different styles ranging from classical to house.  



Hollywood Blockbuster Gravity released in 2013 was produced with the help of four industrial-sized robots. The Kuka robots created in Germany transported props and lights across the set in seconds which accurate precisions. The robots were also used throughout the production to operate the cameras and even move actors across the set.  

Although we have already had the involvement of Robots in the media, its advancement is nowhere near as far gone as we may have thought it would be by this point, 10 years ago. The use of Robots in the creative industries are still less heard of than their involvements in other fields but will soon become households names. With companies like the Guardian attempting to make their own robots, we can only wait and see what the future holds for Robots and the world of Creativity.


Written by Jada Scott

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