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Posted on 6th June 2018 by Ramone Watson

As a young creative when you think of the right events to attend, it can be difficult and confusing.  Like which one is better for networking? Which one would I actually leave thinking “Wow! I didn’t actually know that?” Here are some tips on navigating your way through events, whether they be networking and conferences.

#1 Research

When attending conferences or networking events as a young person in the creative industries, make sure to thoroughly research the event, the people putting the event on and any partnerships linked to the event.

#2 Speakers

Research the speakers attending, as this will give you an idea of who they are, what they do, who they work for and how they can help you and what questions to ask them if there is a Q&A or you get a chance to speak to them at the end of event.

#3 Social Media 

Make sure you use social media effectively by following all the relevant people at the event, especially the organisers for more events! This way you can legally stalk, see what there working on, get some inspiration and potentially slide into their DMs.  

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