The event’s hub of LITNESS.

Come down for fresh and honest onstage discussions between big brands and young creatives - no waffling, just straight creative dialogue.  

With live performances from some banging acts, a soap box where you can have your say and shout about what makes you passionate, and the chance to collab with and meet other young creatives - who knows how many opportunities will come your way! 

Hosted by Reprezent Radio presenters Jay McGregor and Munya Chawawa, don’t miss Pop Brixton’s hotspot of the day.


jay & Munya.jpg

11.45AM - 12PM

Intro from your hosts Jay McGregor and Munya Chawawa

Munya is a producer, presenter, and host for 4Music and Reprezent Radio who’s worked with brands like Nike and Adidas - oh, and you’ve probably seen some of his viral comedy sketches on Instagram (think Johnny Oliver and Unknown P).

 Jay is a producer, presenter, host, and voiceover artist from Reprezent radio - you’ve probably heard her on her popular Thursday morning show #JMINTHEAM.


12pm - 12.4opm

Live discussion on social media with BBC Sport

Nobody knows social media better than young people - but why are big brands not consulting YOU on what YOU know best? Especially when all their corporate suits are getting it oh so wrong… I mean, have you seen a forty-something white male try to write a tweet aimed at a young audience? Painful.

That’s why we’ve invited BBC Sport to join us on the main stage and share all their biggest social-media related problems. We’ll then open the floor to the real masters of The Gram, Twitter, Snap, and all things social who will help solve BBC’s issues with innovative ideas solutions - a board of young creatives like you!

There will also be a post-discussion session where you can join in too and meet the team behind BBC Sport.

Havas sq.jpg

1.30pm - 2.10pm

Live discussion ON trends & culture with Havas

Who could be more up to date on trends and culture than the generation that’s changing and developing the creative scene every day! But how much of your styles and interests are actually reflected in big business?

There’s clearly a gaping hole in the industry that needs to be filled ASAP by none other than those who live and breathe all things trendy, cultural, and creative. We’ve got a panel of young creatives to take the stage and help award-winning, major marketing and advertising giant Havas with all their stylistic problems and prove, once again, that nobody knows the modern market better than young people.

Stay on for a session where you can meet with the Havas team and share your thoughts and ideas.

Universal sq.jpg

3PM - 3.40PM


Unless you live in a cave, you’ll know that Universal Music is one of the biggest players in the game. This media giant churns out award-winning content faster than , but even they need help from the very people who will be the future of the music media industry.

In a constantly changing world, innovation is a crucial part of getting business right - without good ideas coming in on a daily, the industry will go nowhere. Our panel of young people will be helping to solve Universal’s issues surrounding Innovation, sharing their much needed thoughts and ideas on a topic that they - and you - know all about.

Like before, you’ll get the chance to meet with the people from Universal post-discussion.

Southbank group.jpg

4.30PM - 5.10PM


You might not know it, but the youth are one of the fastest-growing target markets in the world right now - that’s why industries need you to tell them what you’re interested in. 37 year old Yvonne from HR won’t exactly be an expert in youth marketing, but you defo will.

Southbank Group will be joining our hosts on stage to talk all things youth marketing, and share everything they’re clueless about to our panel of young creatives who will help them overcome their youth-marketing issues with their thoughts and opinions.

There will also be a post-discussion session where you can join in too and meet the team behind Southbank group..


6PM - 7PM

Jay and Elevators Presents

Jay McGregor with help from ELEVATORS bring the fun from Jay’s Reprezent radio show to the stage. In the style of a talk show, they will be getting the audience involved in hilarious games, trivia, dance battles competitions and totally unaltered conversations before we roll into the evening session of live performances, DJ and our secret headline act.

From 8pm to Late



Youthsayers is a creative music project based in Lambeth who will be performing some great music with Afrobeat, Jazz and Reggae influences.

From 8pm until late.


Bad Honey

Brought to you by LCCM

Bad Honey (Lydia Clowes & Teresa Origone) came together in London as a keyboard and vocal duo to create the sleepy lullabies and soulful sounds of Bad Honey. Their sound is a delicate and dreamy combination of pure sounding vocals with vintage synths and bouncing beats, resulting in a delicate and dreamy blend of soul, pop and lo-fi electronics.



Frisco is the stage name of Deshane Cornwall, an English Grime MC who is part of the Boy Better Know (BBK) music label which includes Wiley, Skepta, Jme and Drake. He has released three solo albums, guested on tracks by his label mates and established a successful monthly Grime event in East London, contributing to the popularity of Grime within the UK music scene.


Donnie Sunshine

Donnie Sunshine is an incredible DJ, director and photographer who will be rounding up the ERIC Festival x Pop Brixton with some great tunes.