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Posted on 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 by eric team

‘New Creatives on the Block’ was a series curated for the ERIC Fest: Storytelling. Young illustrator, Efea Rutlin, asked senior illustrator, Kay Davis her burning questions. Here are the answers…

1) What’s the best method you’ve found for sourcing jobs?

Being proactive and visible especially in this age of social media has been the biggest key for finding work. I tend to create my own projects then off of the back of that opportunities find me through recommendation and word of mouth.


2. Is there a way to balance monetising the art you want to make with feeling like you are selling out?

 Honestly, I feel for us to create the work we truly care about we need sufficient funds to do so. Which might mean having a job on the side that can fund those passions until you’ve built a foundation and work that you feel comfortable enough to sell. That way we don’t create out of the panic to make profit, which can sometimes lead to guilt and the feeling of selling out.


3. Any techniques you wish you had tried sooner? (this could be tools, equipment or techniques)

I really wish I paid attention in college when I was being taught how to use Adobe Illustrator. I would have made life a lot easier for myself, but there’s always YouTube!  

A bit about Kay…

Kay is a multi-disciplinary Artist based in South East London and a graduate of Central Saint Martins, BA Textiles Design. Part time Workshop Facilitator, Hair Braider and full time Artist.Through Painting, Illustration, Textiles Design and more she creates stories that interlink with ongoing themes that Celebrate youth, Black culture, Girlhood and all things nostalgic. Using design to pay homage to my upbringing I connect community and evoke sweet memories of childhood. Featured in Vogue and BuzzFeed as one to watch.

A bit about Efea…

Efea has always drawn, to express her situation or to escape from it. She wants to be able to make some beautiful things and explore. And maybe some people will be able to relate.

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