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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

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Is football better than rugby?

Are table-tennis and ping-pong really just the same thing?

Perhaps as an avid sports fan you could shed some light on these my head-scratching queries, in between applying for the following positions of course:

1. Journalism Coordinator/Journalism Researcher

This position is an entry level route into Journalism, front page writer here you come! The role is varied, common activities include: sourcing images, creating graphics, pitching ideas, producing simple edits, booking guests and contributors, managing social media accounts and other ad hoc tasks. So if you like switching things up and typing until your fingers lose their fingerprint get applying now. 

2. Sports commentator

One thing which can be just as rewarding as playing the sport is the banter that quickly follows a game. Debating the manager’s motives, questioning the players fitness, analysing the overall performance, are all major points of conversation. If you have an eloquence with speech and an interest in sport this could be the job for you. 

3. Runner

Fancy helping out on set for the Wembley coverage? BBC Sport use runners across various output throughout the year. This could include working on major events, ensuring everyone is catered for and assisting the Production Management Assistants. As a runner you might also work in the studio, on outside broadcasts and in the office assisting the production teams. 

4. Presenter/Broadcaster

Perhaps interviewing the sporting talent face to face sounds like a role for you, as somewhat of an offshoot from commentating, being a presenter relies on the ability to host a show, keep conversation flowing on a panel and keep audiences engaged. If you believe your warm and friendly demeanour would shine through on camera then presenting could be your favoured career path.

5. Researcher

Researchers contribute to the creative content which is made at the BBC. They pitch ideas and treatments. They also be book guests and suggest contributors. Researchers may do some of their own filming and editing. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a content creator definitely check this position out further.

Of course in addition to these great choices of career, there’s always the option of you being an athlete yourself!

Written by Natasha Moore

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