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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

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Always came last in the egg and spoon race at school sports day?

Not to worry, that childhood memory needn’t follow you any more. Realising that you aren’t a sporting prodigy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t work in sports - at least, maybe not one of these jobs:

1. Software Engineer

If you know your Java from your Python then this position might just float your boat. If you like versatility and all things tech then how does working across areas such as BBC Live, APIs, the sport website and mobile app sound? Noone likes a boring job and with areas as diverse as these listed you’ll be sure to be kept entertained on the job. Whether you’re developing the frontend or backend, either way you’ll be a valuable asset to the BBC team and kept on your toes I have no doubt.

2. Social Media Guru

If you know Twitter like the back of your hand then you are highly sought after! With the epidemic otherwise known as social media as rife as ever, never has a time been more necessary to recruit those among us who know the strategy of promoting content through these various media platforms and most importantly which angle gets their best Instagram selfie than now.

3. Production Management Assistant 

The PMA is responsible for coordinating logistics on a production. This might involve looking after talent, sourcing equipment, assisting with filming permits, working alongside the production coordinators and the production managers. A versatile position like this would be perfect for you if you enjoy a lively work environment and being an organised multi-tasker.

4. Team Assistant 

Team assistants work in various teams around the department e.g. Talent and IT. They provide general and administrative support. This role is a great way to learn about the functionality of any given department in particular. And provides you with the fundamental skills and general understanding of the company structure. 

5. Business Coordinator (Staff Scheduler)

The Business Coordinator contracts and schedules people across the output and acts as first point of contact for routine scheduling queries.  They schedule both permanent staff, fixed term contract staff and freelancers to ensure we have enough people to create the content. Like the Lead Talent Manager role, this position would be great for you if you enjoy high-levels of communication and have a keen eye for detail. 

Anyway, who cares about an egg and spoon race when you’re casually chatting to Idris Elba in the BBC foyer?

Written by Natasha Moore

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