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Posted on 7th october 2019 by eric team

Fear not! Here are some helpful tips so you know how to get started.

  • Do your research

In order to be taken seriously, you need to know which role you want to fulfill within the VFX industry. Get on Google and do some research! (We know you definitely have your phone on you right now).

  • Start putting together a showreel

You’ve got to keep a record of all the work you’ve done - especially if you’ve got the memory of a goldfish. Adding short breakdowns is also a brilliant idea as it’ll show off your creativity!


Networking is a great way to meet new people. Time to turn off Netflix and head outside - or just hop on Instagram and network that way.


There will be a lot of rejections along the way and that’s okay. A sure-fire way to make it in the VFX industry is to not give up.


One of the hardest things about starting your VFX journey can sometimes be starting. So just start! An amazing company called Access:VFX offer pro-mentoring and run informative events when you sign up (

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