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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

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It doesn’t matter if you used to sit out every PE lesson because you ‘forgot’ your kit at home, sports in the real world is so much bigger than Year 9 rounders. You don’t need to know the offside rule, or have played professional ping pong, or even like sports that much (and if you do, even better!); as long as you’re creative and passionate about what you do, there’s a role in the sports journalism sector that might as well have your name on it - read on to find out why.

Do you have a knack for knowing what looks good?

Someone could be talking to you about the most important thing in the world, but you’re not listening - you’re really deciding whether platform heels paired with a nice leather jacket would be a good look for them. ‘Taking in your surroundings’ has a whole other meaning when you walk into a room - you’re instantly re-doing the whole interior in your head and getting rid of that disgusting colour scheme too while you’re at it. If so, your creativity is at its peak when it comes to aesthetics, which is why you’re perfect to work in sports journalism. Your creative eye is needed to constantly feedback ideas and improvements, and you’d be in your element as a journalism coordinator, researcher, or editor: creating graphics, pitching ideas, creating content and imagery, managing social media accounts, producing and delivering compelling, ambitious, and great-looking content among other things.

Are you great at communicating?

Your creativity lies in your ideas, and the magical way in which you articulate them. You’ve always been good at talking; whether you used that skill to become captain of the debate team or hand out relationship advice, you have a thing for understanding people and making them understand you too. Your silver tongue is very much needed in sports journalism - jobs like talent managing, talent advising, broadcasting, and presenting are the perfect opportunity for you to meet loads of new and exciting people, and requires you to do a lot of talking and build great relationships that will result in high-quality and engaging content being produced.

Are you more of a leader?

So you were always a bit bossy. You prefer dictating and leading people to an end result rather than following instructions, and that’s great as long as you’re more of a Ghandi than a Stalin - whilst it’s a desirable trait to be able to effectively lead others, nobody likes a big-head who doesn’t respect their team, so make sure you’re always kind and open to ideas from others. The sports sector is large and employs thousands of people, so if you’re a born leader then look no further than all the managerial roles; head of production, production manager,  producer, senior journalist, lead talent manager, business coordinator, just to name a few. You’ll be able to exercise your leader muscles whilst also exerting all your creative control and letting your creative and aesthetic juices run wild to come up with and deliver amazing content to your audiences.

Are you a team player (excuse the pun)?

No, I’m not about to tell you you’re the perfect canditate for an amatuer synchronised swimming team. Being able to work as part of a team, effectively taking instructions and translating that into hard work and results, is a greatly desired trait in the sports world. It’s really important that everyone works together seamlessly whilst maintaining an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and ideas are taken on board. You could do just about anything - runner (not the Usain Bolt type of runner, the other one), sports journalist, team assistant… the (sports) world is your oyster!

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Can you keep your cool under pressure?

The world could literally be crumbling around you and you’d just sip your Fanta and carry on. Ok maybe not, but compared to all the stressy types around you, you really handle yourself well under pressure and can continue to get a job done no matter the circumstances. You are exactly the type of person needed to work in production roles, journalism coordination roles, live coverage, and TV sports - you need to be constantly on the ball (I promise you these aren’t on purpose) and ready to do your thing despite tight time constraints and immense pressure to get it all right (you are streaming live, after all).

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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