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Posted on 5th July 2018 by Rebecca Sander

News-wise last month has been hard to take, let’s be real.

There’s been of conversations around depression and suicide (and if you need any resources there are some here (, some absolute pillock blocked a bill to make up-skirting a crime giving some lame “it’s the principle” excuse, and the less said about the immigration situation in America the better (although here is a list of organisations that are trying to help if you want to donate (

However this week we were given a spiritual gift in the form of the second season of Queer Eye, and it damn near broke me in half. I am a dried husk of emotional repression from a long line of Irish Catholics and even I was sobbing into my snacks. So in honour here’s a bunch of motivational GIF’s of the explosion of positivity that is Jonathan, our grooming expert and my new best friend in my mind.

#1 For when you get an automated rejection letter:  


Give me some feedback, henny!

#2 For when some one you know gets a really cool project and you don’t want to feel jealous



#3 For when you’re at a creative event trying to network: 



#4 For when you’re scared to take a risk: 



#5 For when you’ve made enough money freelancing to buy a takeaway: 



#6 For when some one asks you what you do, followed by “oh, but so how do you make money?”: 



#7 For when everything is going right: 


#8 For when you finally shower after working in this HOT heat all day:


Yes hennys, bless you Jonathan.


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