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Posted on 01 June 2018 By Prisca Ntumba


This one is for everything surgery and anatomy related. Might freak some people out though, you’ll turn your head and see human remains in Jars. (Side note: it’s closed at the moment and will be reopening in 2020 but if you go on their site, you’ll see other events they will be holding at different locations)

#2 Geffrye Museum - London


This museum features different rooms that have been recreated after a certain period in time. Gives you a feel of what it was like back in the day beyond looking at pictures.

#3 Ragged School Museum - London


Kind of like the Geffrye Museum but a Victorian school instead.

#4 Grant Museum Of Zoology - london

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Filled with animals from the past and the present as well as a whole load of skeletons.

#5 Sir John Soane’s Museum - London


AKA ‘A Historic House’. The home of Sir John Soane (1753-1837), an architect who collected a crazy amount of art, furniture and architectural ornamentation.

#6 Wellcome Collection - London


Gallery, events, classes, a library, all of it. If you’re a curious person like myself, you will love this one as it’s all based around the ‘whys’ of life. This museum explores medicine, culture, philosophy, psychology and everything of that nature.

#7 International Slavery Museum - Liverpool


What makes this museum different is the fact it explores not only the history of the slave trade but also the present effect and reality of slavery. Also showcases a lot beyond what was learnt in school which is always a good thing.

#8 Bethlem Museum of the mind - beckenham


Bethlem Museum is about all things mental health. It will give you a look into mental health practices over time and also explores and celebrates the achievements of mental health sufferers.

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