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Posted on 1 June 2018 | by Maddy Abela

Over at ERIC HQ, we love finding the newest and trendiest apps on the market. So, whats been our favourites? Well, I've compiled our favourite top 5 creative apps out there. (Oh, and all these apps are free, so don't worry we got you!)

Number #5- Werble

Werble is a super cool photo animator that allows you to edit your next insta pic by animating it! There are a bunch of spectacular layouts and effects that you can use to bring out your artistic side. However, as this app isn't android friendly yet, Werble gets a solid 3/5 ERICs.

Available in the App Store


Number #4- Recolour

With the wave of mindful colouring, it was essential that we included a colouring app in this list. Introducing recolor! Not only does recolour have a variety of FREE pictures that you can colour in, the pictures are super intricate so you can add a lot of detail to them too.

Available in the App Store and Google Play.


Number #3- Ultralight

Finding a photo-editing app which is free and high quality can be tricky. Ultralight is a super easy and free photo editing app that gives you creative freedom to add a variety of effects and filters to your selfies.
Available in the App Store, to find out when it becomes available for Android, go to the Ultralight website to be notified.


Number #2- Tide

Do you have problems getting to sleep? Do you have problems focusing, especially when you keep getting group chat notifications? Me too! Well thanks to Tide, you can not only sleep better and live better. Tide has hundreds of nature sounds to get you into the revision mode, or simply for a nice nap.

Available in the App Store, Google Play and Android Store.


Number #1- Meetup

Finding meetups, other than meeting people at the ERIC Fest, can be a struggle. Meetup is an incredible community where you can join groups for specific interests. There's a huge array of groups that meet up on a variety of frequencies to learn new skills or work together creatively. The types of groups on Meetup ranges from beginner photography groups who meet once a fortnight to advanced vocal workshops who meet every Saturday.

Available in the App Store, Google Play and Online.


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