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Posted on 01 june 2018 by Maddy Abela

Creativity is awesome right? As a creative you'll be familiar with that buzz you feel when you create something absolutely epic! Whether that be a song you write, a picture you draw or a set of dance moves you come up with for your new favourite tune; being creative can be rewarding as well as lots of fun. But it can also be really anxiety provoking too. Breaking into a creative industry can be daunting and sometimes it takes a while for the money to start rolling in. And that's scary right? However, it doesn't need to be! Why? Because some of the most successful creatives struggled to find a job. Don't believe me? Read on...

1) Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is currently one of the most talented actors on the scene. With major roles in blockbuster movies- such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the recently released Avengers: Infinity War – it's hard to imagine Chris Pratt as anything but a glamorous movie star. But Pratt lived out of his van whilst he was trying to make ends meet! So, whilst times may be tough, at least you aren't living out of a Scooby Doo van like Pratt was. Although, maybe his van had some Scooby Snacks...

2) Jennifer Lopez

She's just, she's just Jenny from the Block! The Puerto Rican pop princess has graced the global stage with her sassy dance moves, incredible vocals and acting talent which has led her down a road to global creative success. Most are familiar with her childhood, where she grew up in a poor family living in the Bronx, but Jennifer struggled finding a job too. After arguing with her mother over going to University, Lopez decided to pursue her dancing career. She left her family home and, unable to get a job, ended up being homeless briefly at the age of 18. Lopez used to sleep on a cot at her dance studio for a while! So even if, like Lopez, you're struggling with young adulthood don't worry! You can make it, just like she did.

3) Steve Jobs

Now you may be thinking, is Steve Jobs a 'creative'? The answer is of course! He created the very thing you're using right now to read this article! And if you're not reading this on an Apple device...dammit! You get my point...Mr Jobs wasn't always Mr I have a Job. At University, Steve Jobs used to sleep on the floor of in his friends' room as he couldn't afford a dorm room. Moreover, he collected coke bottles to get money for food. But working hard and saving the money he did earn paid off! Don't believe me? Check how many of your mates own an Apple product, they only exist because Steve Jobs didn't give up!

Credit:  Boomsbeat

Credit: Boomsbeat

4) Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, a double-time Grammy winner, made us bop and down with her smash hits 'Since you've been gone' and 'My life would suck without you'. However, this pop princess didn't start her career as the winner of American Idol. In fact, the only reason she auditioned for the TV talent show was due to the immense financial struggle she was facing. Whilst in Los Angeles, trying to pave her way as a singer, Clarkson's apartment complex burnt down. Burn baby burn! Maybe not the best song to describe the moment... Subsequently, she ended up sleeping in her car. But had it not been for her determination, maybe she'd still be sleeping in her car today... who knows?

Credit:  Billboard

Credit: Billboard

5) Daniel Craig

The James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, wasn't born with nominations for BAFTA awards and Critics' Choice Awards. No way! Infact, in his early days, Craig found it so hard to support himself with a job that he used to sleep on park benches in London parks. So, you're not the only one struggling to find work right now, Mr Bond himself was unemployed too!

Credit:  SCMP

Credit: SCMP

6) Sophia Amoruso

The founder of the vintage clothing store, Nasty Gal, is a famous story of rags to riches. Amoruso set up an eBay account to sell her vintage pieces, which eventually broke off into her own website which is now Nasty Gal. Amoruso's net worth is an incredible £203 million, so one could say that Amoruso has done alright for herself. But let's find out more about this rags to riches story. Amoruso started her fashion journey off as a broke girl. Despite having odd jobs at places such as record shops and a Subway restaurant, she found it hard to keep down a job. As a result of her struggles, Amoruso ended up dumpster diving as a way to scavenge for food whilst her fashion business was yet to take off.

Credit:  Digiday

Credit: Digiday

Now if I were you I wouldn't dumpster dive, but Amoruso is a perfect example that all your favourite creative people are just like you! Yes, they found it hard to find jobs and struggled as a consequence. Yes, they found it hard to keep down a job because their passion for their craft was as irresistible as a craving for a Krispy Kreme Doughnut. If you were at the last ERIC fest, you'd know how delicous Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are (and if you weren't there, we had a doughnut wall, I know- Yum!)

The take away point is this: it's okay if you're finding it hard to find a job. Everyone does. But one thing that all six of these creatives had in common was resilience. No matter how hard your situation becomes, you can get through it and come out the other end. Not only can you survive a bad time, but you can thrive through it.

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