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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

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The spirit of creativity is woven into the very fabric of the Northern cultural powerhouse. Innovation incorporated into it’s very veins from times of industrial revolution to modern day entrepreneurship. Not only does Manchester bless us with Coronation Street and great British music (The 1975, Oasis….) they also seem to conjure up the ability to produce a residency of fantastic creative talent in the city with each generation. We present our evidence:

  • Educating Manchester: Manchester is home to the biggest single-site university campus in the UK, the University of Manchester, and with this comes a very large talent pool of creatives. Second to this, funding into creative sector of the uni has been boosted in recent years, giving more fuel to the creative spirit of the city. If ever there was a time you could nurture creativity through education this is it. They must be doing something right to produce notable alumni names including: Jennifer Saunders, Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Benedict Cumberbatch, Jack Whitehall and Shazia Mirza. 

  • It Comes With The Territory: The geographical layout of Manchester makes it a creative melting pot, bringing together the born and bred Mancunians with new minds coming into the city. With lower average rents, less travel costs and less community dispersal, it’s no wonder Manchester is making it’s mark for as the creative place to be when being weighed up against London. 

  • Like Attracts Like: From the already established creative hub Media city (home to names including the BBC, Ericsson and Kellogg’s) to new move-ins Amazon and GCHQ. The city is attracting the most talented minds to its centre to be part of this growing epicentre of innovation. 

  • Awards Galore: Just look at the list of awards and accolades the city (and it’s dwellers) have earned - UNESCO Creative City of Literature, Roses Creative Awards (TBWA Manchester, McCann Manchester), Best Tech for Good Project Winner (Big Chip Awards, Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network). No need to say more.

  • Culturally Rich History: Soaked in a wealth of innovation from the ground up, the city’s creative foundations are reflected in the very architecture of its buildings. Home to historic cultural venues and assets including the Manchester Museum (the largest university museum in the UK), Manchester International Festival, Jodrell Bank (heritage site) the John Rylands Library to name but a few, Manchester has evolved to where it is today as a hub for innovation and imagination. 

Fancy a visit to Manchester anytime soon? Or if you’re already there, lucky you!

Written by Natasha Moore

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