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POSTED ON 4th june 2018 BY nada el-hammoud for gcrs

When it comes to recording sounds, less is never more. More is more - and more is better. The bigger the library of sounds you have, even if it’s just a few seconds of something as mundane as a car driving past, the greater your recording abilities will be. If you’re new to this whole sound thing, an audio library is your collection of sound recordings - the point being that if you ever need a particular sound to add to a video or audio project you’re doing, you should be able to find it in your audio library.

Never underestimate how useful basic and boring sounds can be. The sound of bacon frying is almost indistinguishable from the sound of rainfall (true story, they actually use sound-dupe techniques like this in TV and film), so if you wanted to add a few seconds of rain to an audio clip, the sound of your Sunday breakfast getting cooked would work perfectly. Basically, make sure you record as much audio as possible, even if it feels stupid or like it won’t come in use later on - your future self will seriously thank you for it.


The next time your sleep is ruined by the sound of a police car passing, whip out your recorder and make use of your terrible luck. Then feel free to resume your nap.

Pedestrians walking and talking

Don’t lie, we know you’ve eavesdropped on an unhealthy amount of strangers’ conversations whilst sitting on the bus. Since your moral compass is already skewed, why not go one step further and record passers-by walking and talking. Obviously, if someone’s spilling some personal tea then you might not want to invade their privacy and record what they’re saying.


This is a good sound to have in your audio library - you could always use it as atmosphere/background audio in any of your projects.

Everyday hustle & bustle

Again, this is a very useful sound to have handy. Just make sure nobody swipes your recorder whilst you’re getting audio in the middle of a fish market. 


Finally, a chance to put your dad’s embarrassing road rage to good use. 

Coffee shop chatter

The next time your inner Yoga Mum comes out and you hit up the local Starbucks for a skinny almond latte, take your recorder with you. Whilst you sip your unsatisfying millennial-age beverage, leave your recorder near you to pick up the sounds of the coffee shop. Baristas calling orders, customers chatting, coffee machines… it’ll all make great background audio.

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