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Posted 06 June 2018 

Michael Akuagwu

Who are you? 

My name is Michael, I go by the name ManLikeMike on social media and I am a 22 year old visual artist.


Funnily enough my background is actually in Engineering but my enthusiasm and obsession for art and graphic design has always been there so as soon as I graduated from my degree I plunged myself into design.

Your creative vision

I want to be able to tell stories with the personal work that I do create. I always tell myself that I want to create visuals with substance, not just things that look nice. In 5-10 years hmmm. I would hope by then I will have combined  photography, videography and graphic design in such a way to create really empowering and thought provoking moments. Projects that really help create discussions and impact those who interact with it. I would like to help create a shift in the media/creative sector too and encourage young people who have the talent but maybe not the resources. 

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Your inspiration

First of all there is so much Black Excellence at the moment and so many incredible artists within Nigeria too, check out #WeAreNigerianCreative. The quality and each unique aesthetic encourages me and pushes me to delve deeper into me. Artists such as Joshua Kissi, Solange, Josef Adamu, Daniel Caesar - these are people across the arts who may not have the largest followings or receive the loudest praises but they are so intentional with their work and approach their craft with purpose and excellence. MY FRIENDS, my goodness, I have friends with talent! @ogaikome, @cherishedsapphires @papaire they push me. God really is the main inspiration though, I'm made in His image and he's the Creative Director of this universe so He's a HUGE inspiration!

Proud moments

Quite a few, taking the leap of faith to jump into design full time, working with ERIC Fest x Mayor Of London event, receiving some positive feedback from some industry greats, my family when they began to understand why I wanted to get into design and every time I create a piece of work (I have to give myself a pat on the back).

How has ERIC helped you?

ERIC has been incredible, giving me the paid opportunity to work with them and with the Mayor of London. I designed and produced the graphics for an entire event so thank you to ERIC! I also love their newsletters with all of the creative opportunities and ERIC Fests of course!

Reach michael

You can catch me on Twitter here:

Instagram is where I post the a lot of my work:


And a website coming soon:

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