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Office: 61-63 Rochester Pl, London NW1 9JU

Who’s behind ERIC?

ERIC was started in 2017 as a passion project for Mae and Sam, who have known each other since they were 8 years old. The idea stemmed from their own experiences trying to break into the creative industries and the realisation that the elitism and opacity of the creative industries needs to stop.

ERIC is run with four principles in mind - equality, relevance, representation & accessibility.


Sam skipped university to pursue a career in PR & Communications before moving into a digital-focused role at a tech startup, Decoded.

Sam is obsessed with politics (particularly the issues in the UK education system) and thinks everyone should follow the 4 day work-week.

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Mae is a chartered accountant who graduated from Newcastle University and worked at PWC in the Banking & Capital Markets.

Mae feels incredibly passionate about diversity in the workplace and wants allocated time for mindfulness to be a staple in every office.