Careers in Music

Our second ever ERIC Festival at The Hospital Club focused on careers within the Music Industry. We not only stepped up our game in terms of speakers, exhibitors, decor and ambition, but we saw a dramatic increase in audience attendance and social media engagement.

"I found it truly amazing and came away inspired and wanting to seek more events like this. Great atmosphere amongst young people, I found it inspiring and it gave me hope that I won't be in retail for very long."

- Clarke Redwood-sawyerr, Attendee

Loved the amount of detail put into how it looked - it was a really beautiful and inspiring place to be in.
— Gwen Grynfeld, Attendee

Speakers & Companies included

TickX | Kane D. Ricca | Radar Radio | Emoticast | Boiler Room | Sauce recruitment | CM Sounds | Include Digital | Soundcheck | Karma Cola | Blix Box and many more.


WE also offerED FREE headshots throughout the day.