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posted on 3rd july 2018 by Rebecca sander

1. Mark G. Parker, CEO, Nike...?!?

= $13.9 million dollars


2. Nick Beighton, CEO, Asos...?!?

= £3.1million (which works out at £1,000 an hour)


3. Cardi B...?!?

= £4m (and she’s still mad at Uncle Sam about her taxes)


4. Hedi Slimane, artistic, creative and image director, celine...?!?

= $816,300 plus $11.5 million after a successful lawsuit this year (because apparently this was a woeful underpayment?! Get yours!)


5. Rupaul Charles...?!?

= $4,000,000 (Werk)


6. George Kolasa - Burberry Vice President Marketing..?!?

= £160,000


Written by Rebecca Sander


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