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Posted on 7th october 2019 by eric team

The publishing industry employs around 192 000 in the UK Creative Economy! So what are these jobs? We’re bringing you our favourite pick of the ones we bet you didn’t know existed.

1) literary scout

A literary scout is essentially a real life Sherlock Holmes. They are hired by foreign publishers to discover British books that they should publish in their country. Some literary scouts will also find books for film adaptations too.


Are you super picky when it comes to fonts? Then typesetting is for you. Typesetters find and choose the perfect font for a story and also design the margins and spacing for the final print.

3) Book cover photographer

I know you’re not meant to judge a book by it’s cover, but we can all appreciate a good book cover! And that’s thanks to book cover photographers who carefully capture images that highlight what the book is all about.

4) Subsidiary rights executive

When an author signs a book contract, the publishing house is given the legal right to publish the author’s work in book form. Subrights refer to all the other formats publishing houses can produce such as: audiobooks, e-books, merchandise etc.

5) Literary agent

The salesperson of the publishing world is a literary agent. They basically sell an author’s book to a publishing house usually by conducting an auction so many publishers can bid for the author’s work.

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