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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

BBC Sport. Don’t let the name fool you.

They offer employees much more than the opportunity to interview middle-aged men who run like headless chickens after a ball for 90 minutes. With a plethora of careers available to the eagerly ambitious and ambitiously eager amongst us, you’d be a fool to put the blinkers on to any of their roles below!  


1. Mobile Application Software Engineer

With a solid 4 million users of the BBC Sport mobile app, you would be a key player in delivering top quality experiences to every single individual. No pressure! If you know your Java from your Kotlin (no, not types of exotic fruit) then this may be the role for you. If you think you would enjoy collaborating with journalists, receiving unrivalled training from BBC Sport’s in-house academy and having access to a range of top tech industry events, then this may just be the way forward for your career. 


2.  Assistant Producer - Live Events 

If you have an aptitude for content creation then look no further, as Assistant Producer you will play an active part in producing material for one of the most recognisable names in media. From contributing creative ideas, to directing and coordinating other team members, the role will exercise your skills of being a top communicator and valuable team member. Who wouldn’t want to say they helped produce the visuals for the 100m sprint final of the Olympic games? 


3. Assistant Publicist

Not exclusive to withholding the angelic reputations of ‘troubled’ celebrities, publicists come in all forms. Those in media play a vital role in garnering support for the decisions made at their corporation. At BBC Sport your job would be varied, from planning and executing publicity campaigns and working with on-air talent to writing lively press releases and co-ordinating press conferences. No spin doctors here!

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4. Executive Editor (Sport)

Are you a natural born leader? Do you enjoy bossing people *ahem* I mean, managing teams? If yes, then having the responsibility of driving cross platform content within the realm of sport could be a career path for you. Relying on innovation, creativity and strategy, if you’ve ever found yourself loving finger-painting while doing a bit of mental maths then this job has been calling your name from the shadows for quite some time! As a senior-level role, it stands as one of those jobs you aim towards, keeping you ambitious and eager to learn. No sooner will you be stapling the press packs and making the tea until you’re shaking stakeholders hands and requesting a flat white from the new fresh starter! 

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5. Producer, Social Media

Seeing as we’re just short of stapling our iPhones to our palms, I think it’s safe to say social media has never been so in demand. If you fancy yourself a bit of a social media wizkid then check out this role. From planning what content best fits the social channel to working with TV editors to ensure live broadcasts incorporate relevant social media, your job as producer would be versatile and no doubt highly rewarding. With young people being so accustomed to technology, skills with social media is an employability bonus that BBC Sport are definitely taking note of. 

BBC Sport has long been a credible name to the masses, with this being said, it’s therefore only right that the content made by the corporation meets the desire from all age groups. As a young person you can directly influence the content being created and, in fact, are encouraged to do so. The best means of which is through being a BBC employee. Check out a range of roles in addition to any of the above here.

Written by Natasha Moore

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