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Posted on 01 june 2018 by Natasha moore

If you're looking for a well paid job, look away from music! OK, that was a bit harsh. I guess entry level roles across the board are.....quite conservative with their wages. So don't let the money side dishearten you, for I will bear fruit on which junior jobs in
the music industry are worth sinking your teeth into:

1. Location

Marginally higher paid entry level positions tend to be situated in the larger cities as oppose to smaller cities and towns. For example Manchester, Bristol and London. With London being noted due to the higher cost of living.

2. Major vs. Independent Company

Hearing through the grapevine that majors tend to exploit the passion of their eager employees by paying them peanuts in comparison to a similar role at an independent. I'm inclined to agree through my own personal experience. I'm sorry
but I can't live on less than £20,000 here in London! I'm not tarnishing all major name companies with the same brush but it is a common opinion that you are more likely to be better paid for the same role at a smaller sized company at least at entry-level. This is simply my opinion not fact!

3. Music Industry Area

From publishers, to record labels, pluggers to journalists. The music business offers a smorgasbord of opportunities. But which pays the best for a junior? On the whole I'd you would have a higher chance of a stable income from working in a company as
oppose to going freelance.

**Let me just say I by no means am encouraging you to take my opinions as gospel, these are my opinions not fact!* (I've said this already)

See below for my list of best paid junior jobs in music:

#1 Kobalt Music:

Starting salary approx £20,000 for their entry- level role. With an extensive range of opportunities to progress upward. The company is growing exponentially and are recruiting at a steady pace as I type!

#2 Global Radio:

They have a good internship programme for any recent or soon-to- be graduates. Helping you to get a foot in the door.

#3 The Roundhouse:

A great place for young people to not only earn a liveable wage but working at this venue will give great insight into a range of roles within music and live performance.

#4 Live Nation:

As one of the largest global live entertainment venue operators, a plethora of respectably paid junior roles are thereby up for grabs. As they are the umbrella company from the likes of Ticketmaster to Academy Music Group Let's be honest and say junior jobs across most industries are pretty bad, we just have to tell ourselves that it will all get better as we set back that loaf of bread! *Cue temporary tears of misery

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