100 spaces available

SALFORD QUAYS, 3RD APRIL 2019 - deadline 24th March 2019

BBC Sport are looking for different kinds of creative talent to come to this new entertainment and education hybrid. By taking part in this free entertainment x education hybrid event, you’ll not only be involved in a unique theatrical experience, but also potentially land some paid freelance creative work for BBC Sport - you could even get a full-time job!


We want to get to know you, so please submit a MAX 60 second video of yourself answering ONE of the following questions (you choose which question to answer).

Question 1: Tell us 2 lies and 1 truth about yourself (remember to reveal which one is true at the end!)

Question 2: Tell us a sports-related story about yourself (this can be light-hearted or funny, something you’re passionate about, a significant moment in your life… you choose!)

Question 3: Tell us about someone who has influenced you in your life (this doesn’t have to be someone you know personally)

N.B. The videos can be shot on your phone in either landscape or portrait - we expect them to be handheld and we definitely don’t expect them to be professional!


One of the ERIC team will be in touch before 25th March to confirm your place.