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Posted on 01 June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba

Career advice in my opinion is always relative to each individual but we’ve all received that generic advice that may sound ideal but actually mean absolutely nothing. Here are some examples

1. Fake it till you make it

There’s honestly only so far faking it will take you before someone calls your bluff. In most industries authenticity is what will carry you even if it takes a little longer. It’s okay for the process take a little longer because you can use the journey to do a lot
of learning.

2. Just do what you love and you’ll never have to work again

First of all if a lot of us followed this we would be lounging around watching shows and eating food all day (Netflix have mentioned a possible opportunity for this though so keep looking out). In all seriousness even when you’re doing a career you love you still have to work extremely hard. Maybe even harder so that you keep progressing or maintain a position you love.

3. If you hate your job so much just leave

Unfortunately not everyone is in the position to ‘just leave’ as bills need to be paid. If your job is putting a downer on your life you should certainly explore your options but remember the struggles faced when not in employment, especially when you rely on yourself financially, can be worse than sticking it out for a while.

4. Be realistic/don’t dream too big

A lot of the brands we all love today started from ‘unrealistic’ ideas. Just because others don’t see the vision doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just keep putting the work in.

5. It’s already been done

It may have already been done but it hasn’t been done by YOU and that’s all there is to this one.

6. Be a yes man/never complain

You have a voice for a reason and speaking up on situations in a lot of cases can result in helping more than just yourself.

7. Get a real job *serious yawn and eye roll*.

Its 2018 and there are so many different platforms and opportunities we can create for ourselves.

8. Take every opportunity

Not every opportunity is a good one for your personal journey. Always weigh out your options, know your worth and it’s okay to turn things down if you feel it won’t work for you.

9. Don’t pay attention to others success

I totally understand this if it’s meant in the context of not comparing success but sometimes looking at others journey can help guide you and even help to prevent you from making certain mistakes.

10. Just be patient and your time will come

This works but only when you’re doing what needs to be done as you’re waiting. Continue personal projects to build your portfolio, keep searching for jobs and putting yourself out there. Simply waiting without working is extremely counterproductive.

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