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posted on 4th July 2018 by Mireille harper

So, you want to work in the creative working world, but you don’t seem to be getting any responses from recruiters - what do you next? The important thing is to not lose focus. It’s hard to get a job in industries such as journalism and publishing, and marketing and advertising. Here’s six steps to securing an opportunity!

Rejig your CV and cover letter

If you’re not getting any responses, take a look at your CV and cover letter. Make sure both have a clear layout, highlight your experience and are concise. Keep both to one page each max (unless you’re going to a senior role). Get a trusted friend, colleague or careers advisor to take a look at it if you can and act on any feedback!

Start networking

Get out of your comfort zone and start heading to meetups, courses and events where you’re likely to meet people in the industry you want to work in. The likelihood is you’ll pick up some tips, useful guidance and meet people who will inspire you to keep going! Don’t like going out that much? Look at online networking sites for creatives - there are countless platforms online!

Up-skill yourself

If you’re worried you don’t have the relevant experience or enough knowledge, why not look at evening or weekend courses? Learning about a certain software, or developing a new skill can put you above the competition when it comes to applying for roles, so keep an eye out!

Get a Mentor

It may seem strange, but having a mentor can help for you to see where you want to go and how to achieve that goal. If you have the opportunity, ask for a mentor in-house, but if that’s not the case, ask around on social media or check out any mentoring programmes. Mentors not only help you manage your planning, they can also be a guiding figure to help you through any difficulties, or any obstacles that may be holding you back.

Get Involved with a Project

Whether it’s a work-based sports team, an in-house charity campaign, or something you can do outside of work, push your imagination in the right direction (away from procrastination) by creating something! Not only will this reinforce your creative energy, it will also be an example of your proactivity, which you can mention to a future employer!


If you are getting interviews, but you seem to keep getting turned away, find out why. Ask managers for feedback from interviews to see where you’re going wrong, and where you can improve your interviewing skills. Learn about the company - don’t just come with your stock answers prepared, make sure they’re tailored to the role and the company.

Written by Mireille Harper

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