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Posted on 4th July 2018 by Mireille Harper

The creative world can be difficult to get an entry-level role into! If you’re unsure about the industry you want to work in, here are five roles which aren’t competitive and offer transferable skills across the creative field!

Visual Merchandiser

Many people consider it a necessity to study fashion at university to get into merchandising. Whilst this may help, visual merchandising roles often don’t require a degree nor are they searching for candidates with years of experience (although some retail work may help). With visual merchandising, you can learn how a store operates, work as part of a team and gain fashion experience - all of which are transferable skills!


Volunteers are constantly needed in the creative industries, from film and TV, to book publishing. If you have some spare time at all (even if it’s a couple of hours), check out any voluntary roles in the creative industries. Often, companies may need a weekend assistant, a shoot helper or a runner, and many online websites and magazines need writers and editors. Help out where you can - you can ask for feedback and constructive criticism, and you then have a reference for when you apply for paid roles!


With technology transforming the way companies operate, particularly creative companies, developers are more in-demand than ever before. With over 30,000 developer jobs currently advertised on Indeed, there’s never been a better time to look for work experience, traineeships and apprenticeships!


Whilst this might not sound like the most glamorous of jobs, being an administrator is a great opportunity to gain an entry-level position in a creative company. In an admin role, you’ll be communicating with all members of staff from different teams and departments, you’ll learn how to liaise with clients and companies, and you’ll gain experience that is transferable for an assistant role!

HR Assistant / Sales Assistant

When people go into the creative industries, often they aren’t looking for roles in HR or sales. Surprisingly, these are two roles that incorporate creativity and business, making it an ideal job if you want to find out how companies in industries such as publishing, film and TV make money! If you enjoy speaking to people, coming up with strategies and plans, and creating pitches, look for HR assistant and sales assistant roles - all these roles have adaptable skills!

Written by Mireille Harper
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