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Posted on 3rd July 2018 by Jada Scott

So what is digital marketing? For those who don't know, digital marketing is the selling/distribution of products and services, strictly using digital technologies.

The purpose of digital marketing is to essentially increase the amount of traffic on the company's site and in turn increase their online sales. I'm sure we all know the main roles that digital marketing entails, but what about the lesser known roles? Here are 7 roles in Digital Marketing that I'm pretty sure you didn't know existed!


#1 Head Storyteller

Essentially a creative director, the head storyteller overseas the creative production and ensures that the messages displayed through campaigns are communicated clearly.

#2 Data Wrangler

Not as exciting as its title may sound, a Data Wranglers job is to ensure that any devices containing data such as hard drives and USBs have not been left on the set.

#3 Chatter Monkey

Perfect for those who always have something to say and are a dab hand at operating social media platforms, the role of the Chatter Monkey is to connect with people on the companies social platform and creating a conversation.

#4 Digital Overlord

In terms more simpler than the job title, the role requires someone who can code and rewrite HTML whilst also responding to customer feedback. An e-commerce director with more involvement than usual.

#5 Thoughtsmith

As the world of digital marketing is heavily reliant on companies having a social media presence, thing like becoming trending on Twitter or gaining a large amount of Followers on Instagram are extremely important. It is the job of the Thoughtsmith to constantly thing of news ways to keep the companies online presence alive.

#6 Social Media Trailblazer

A social media trailblazer follows trends occurring across social media and finds a way for the company to create a campaign relating to or similar to what is trending at the current moment in time.

#7 Director of the Unexpected

A more exciting name for the Digital Marketing Director, the Director of the Unexpected is responsible for overseeing all of the creative projects that are related to a digital marketing campaign. They ensure that all promotions produced are eye-catching and gain their company some traction.


Written by Jada Scott


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