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Posted on 28th June 2018 by Jada Scott

When asked to think of a job in the creative industry, most people would think of the music or fashion sectors, but what other creative jobs are there?

We’ve made a list of a few jobs that you never would have considered to creative – take a look into the wider world of the creative industries.


There's more to being a chef than just cutting up food and putting it in an oven. Creativity is often heavily relied upon when it comes to presenting the food as chef's are often required to put their own unique style/signature into a dish, ensuring that it is only available in that particular location where the chef is. Creating new/special dishes also requires improvisation allowing chefs an opportunity to get creative with their work.



When thinking of the creative industry hairdressing rarely comes to mind, but with a handful of tools and magic fingers hairdressers are able to work miracles. As a hairdressers work to the clients requests, if they are asked to create unique/interesting style they need to use their creativity skills



As a florist, flower arranging and making bouquet displays are part of your day to day activities. Having a an artistic flair is vital in this field as they enable florists to produce spectacular designs putting them ahead of any competitors. An eye for detail is also important for florists for have so they are able to produce displays that are on trend and precise to the clients requirements.



As a teacher, creativity is one of the most important aspects of the role. Teachers use their imagination to try and make each lesson both interesting and intriguing to their pupils. Teaching topics that students find boring is a fairly hard job so students use their initiative to present the Lessons in an imaginative, inventive way.


Events planning

Be it weddings, birthdays, funerals or parties – event planners need to ensure that the event is to the clients taste. More often than not, this requires the planner to be creative and transform a venue from nothing to something. This requires a lot of ideas and an incredible imagination.



Now this one may seem a bit straight forward but regardless of their niche, writers must always be creative. The imagination and spin that writers put into their work is what attracts an audience. Nowadays with more aspects of society being made mobile, writers are encouraged to become more creative with the ways in which they present their stories whether it be print, video or audio.


Written by Jada Scott

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