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Posted on 01 June 2018 by Maddy Abela

This article is a really exciting one as we are going to draw back the theatre curtain and discover some of the most interesting jobs in the theatre industry that you never knew existed.

1) Animal Trainer

Ever wondered who makes sure Toto, in Wizard of Oz, doesn't run off? It's all thanks to the incredible animal trainers. Not only do animal trainers look after the animals on stage, but they make sure they are well looked after off stage too. So, they are super important in maintaining wellbeing for our furry friends.

2) Education and outreach staff

The education and outreach staff are basically the bridge between youth communities or schools and theatre. They visit schools and educational programmes to offer placements and work experience opportunities for young budding actors. The education and outreach staff are also responsible for sharing their love of theatre with the youth to inspire the next generation of theatre people.

3) Flymen (or flywoman, because we don't discriminate)

If you've ever seen a theatre production you might remember one of the characters flying across the stage- the fly crew are responsible for the epic flying feats that occur on stage. Not only does the fly crew test the equipment, but they also operate it so are super important in sweeping actors off their feet (quite literally) and bringing them back down to earth again.

4) Property master

Whilst this profession may sound very extravagant, it is a simple role which is taken for granted when we watch a great theatre production. The property masters are responsible for purchasing and making all props needed for a production. They also contribute to the physical appearance of the set so essentially set the scene for the whole show.

5) Dramaturge

Drama-what? A dramaturge is a really varied roles. Dramaturges do all sort of tasks from hiring actors to being a literary advisor. A literary advisor researches and edits scripts so that they are in an actable form. Dramaturges also have the power to adapt certain elements of a script so that they reflect modern cultural issues such as gender representation- they are powerful people!

6) Charge artist

A charge artist-also known as a charge scenic artist- is responsible for making a set designer's creative dreams come true. Scenic designers will draw their vision of the set and include elevations (such as where they want a staircase to go in a set) and the charge artists interpret this to create the set. Who knew so much went into designing a set?

7) Fight choreographer

I have left the best until last, the fight choreographer. As the name suggests, the fight choreographer uses dance and movement to construct fight scenes that look real but –in reality- no actors were harmed in the process. So next time you see the bad guy get slapped in a play, you can thank the fight choreographer.

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