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posted on 4th July 2018 by Natasha Moore

What is it about the music industry that makes it so difficult to get into? Who knows! But let's discuss the ways you can make getting in that little bit easier by using your own initiative!

1. Networking events are absolutely essential in this industry.

I landed my first job in the music industry by attending an ERIC festival event last year. Bring business cards and a contact notebook to follow up on email addresses after the event. In this example alone it requires your own initiative to actually make the cards and research these networking events, never mind physically attend the event!

2. Reach out on social media to grow networks and find mentors.

Take time to make your profile look professional and research the individuals who you feel would offer the advice and support you require e.g. Twitter, Bumble, LinkedIn. Don't rely on them finding you, start the conversation with them first.

3. Start your own

If your aim is to work in A&R or as a music manager for example, who could find local talent and manage them from the early stages of their career in this way you are gaining experience and being proactive about the career you want to have, this is all great material for your music CV.

4. Collaborate

Depending on what area of the industry you'd like to get into, for example if you'd like to be a recording artist then perhaps by collaborating with another artist will gain you more fans from each of your own fan bases. If you are perhaps a manager then teaming up with a radio plugger or promoter may help get your artist known more and so too yourself. Music companies may eventually find you on their radar the more you make yourself known.

5. Diverting

Perhaps the best plan of action is to go into a neighbouring industry, building up the skills and transferring them across into the music industry. It can be particularly challenging getting into the industry at a level-entry position and so perhaps moving laterally is the way to go. Atleast this is what I experienced. Sister industries  such as events and media may be good. But really any industry will give you skills to transfer across, so don't feel like you must divert into any of these, it's just an idea!

6.  Earning a qualification

Perhaps gaining a part-time of full-time degree is a good step to getting a career in music.  In addition to the knowledge gained, you will also meet alot of industry people with whom you could reach out to for work experience and maybe even a job. A degree won't be an automatic ticket in, you may not need a degree necessarily but it certainly helps in some people's experience.  Plus if you're a fan of music through and through then learning about it in more detail wouldn't be such a chore (perhaps)!


I hope these 6 tips are useful for you, some may apply others may not but I think the key takeaway is to remain persistent. It's not a matter of it, but a matter of when.


Written by Natasha Moore
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